Projects and collaborations

I keep developing the BLAD libraries and the MAPLE DifferentialAlgebra package, which replaces the deprecated diffalg package and which is mostly an interface layer for BLAD. The development of DifferentialAlgebra is undertaken with Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab, within a research agreement between the MapleSoft company and the university Lille 1.

On scientific problems related to biological modeling, I have been collaborating with various groups:

  • colleagues from the LMAH (Univ. Le Havre) and INSERM (Univ. Rouen) on integro-differential modeling in neurophysiology;
  • colleagues involved in the ANR France-Germany PRCI Symbiont.

On the problem of numerically solving differential-algebraic equations with the help of symbolic methods, I collaborated with the colleagues of the ANR BLAN 2010 LEDA project.

I worked with Markus Rosenkranz and Georg Regensburger on problems related to integro-differential equations.

I have been working for many years with Marc Moreno Maza on the theory of regular chains.