We are looking for bright people for the following positions.

3 years engineer position on micro-kernel and exo-kernel development

2XS Team (CRIStAL labs, Université de Lille 1, France), specialized in constraint and secure embedded systems, is looking for an engineer to assist the team research on second-generation proved kernel.

The main work is the development in C of several iterations of bare-metal small kernels following an Haskell model (developed by others team members). Other tasks include the development of tools to convert Haskell code to Coq model

The candidate must have experience on embedded systems and bare-metal programming on ARM and/or X86 platforms. Knowledge of functional programming is a plus.

Position is located at IRCICA and must start between July and September 2015.

Phd. candidate on minimal kernels designed for security proofs


Phd. candidate on model and security proofs of minimal kernels


Phd. candidate on code generation to follow execution of an OS kernel


Warning: candidate must be European or Swiss nationals